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Sunshine Smoothie

When I’m feeling a bit rundown, which let’s be honest here- is A LOT of the time as a mom to an almost 3 year old, I gravitate towards a quick and easy breakfast. Smoothies reign supreme for the days when I’m a walking zombie and fixing my kid a bowl of cereal feels like climbing Mount Everest. I can prep them the night before so all I have to do is turn on the blender in the morning, which pro-mom tip- is also great for waking you and your neighbors up at 6 am while simultaneously drowning out the sounds of Baby Beluga on the Google speaker. #winwin

My sunshine smoothie is super easy and the ultimate caffeine-free pick me up. I don’t drink caffeine, hence constant zombie state, so I use ingredients like fresh ginger and zippy orange carrot juice to wake up the senses. A dash of turmeric makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body and turns everything a lovely shade of gold. Add in a banana, frozen mango, and cashew milk, and you’ve got yourself a balanced breakfast you can take on the go.

Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie


1 C cashew milk

1 C carrot orange juice (substitute 1/2 C orange juice and 1/2 C carrot juice if you can’t find a blend)

1 banana

1 C frozen mango

1 tsp grated ginger

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

1/2 C ice

Place all ingredients except for ice in a blender. Blend until smooth. Add ice and blend again until frothy.